Reiki, Art of Natural Healing


by Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin,

Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki (ray-key) is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy. It is an ancient holistic healing modality with roots in Tibet. Reiki was re-discovered by a Christian Minister, Dr. Mikao Usui, in Japan who began his 21 years of study and meditation at a Zen Buddhist Temple outside Kyoto, Japan. He sought to rediscover how Buddha had healed. He discovered this gentle, hands-on healing method which reduces stress, alleviates pain and facilitates self-healing.


Why Should You Consider Having Reiki?

There is a growing belief that wellness is more than the absence of disease. Many people are looking beyond traditional methods of treatment to have a more active role in their own healing. Reiki can complement ongoing medical treatment or facilitate deep relaxation. It also provides an alternate for those who have not found conventional modalities successful.


How Does It Work?

Reiki is a simple, non-invasive natural healing method effecting body, mind and spirit. Universal energy is absorbed by the body, replenishing physical energy, bringing mental clarity and emotional balance. The body then begins to function in stronger, freer and healthier ways.


Is Reiki Like Massage Therapy?

Reiki is not manipulative.  It works with energy and touch is optional.  The practitioner gently places hands, without motion, on or around specific areas of the body in a pre-determined pattern.


Reiki is an effective tool to:

a. Increase our physical, emotional and mental stamina.

b. Re-awaken or expand our spiritual connection to God.

c. Expand our conscious connection to our Higher Self.

d. To broaden our horizons.

e. Add clarity to the messages we receive from God.


What Happens in a Reiki Session?

By maintaining a loving and harmonious focus, the Reiki practitioner taps into the energy with surrounds us all the time. While you lie on a comfortable table or sit in a chair in a relaxed atmosphere. The practitioner transfers this energy by placing hands on the body in three separate patterns: the front of the body, the head and neck area, and the back. Soothing music may be played during the session that usually lasts from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

In the treatment of others, the person offering the Reiki is only the channel; for the energy is not her own, but rather a universal one, which leaves both persons strengthened and harmonized.


What The Sanctuary Offers

The Doolin Healing Sanctuary  provides Reiki classes for individuals or groups, Rebirthing for individuals or groups and Spiritual Counseling. The healing modalities used at the Sanctuary may help Cancer and AIDS clients, MS clients, sexually and physical abused children, adult survivors of sexual molestation, alcohol and drug addictions, and many other physical or emotional problems.

The Sanctuary endorses and has available for sale an Ancient Ojibway Indian Herbal Formula called Essiac that has been tested and researched and found to be useful in healing Cancer and AIDS as well as a preventative formula. Meditation tapes, music cassettes and books written by Rev. Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin are available at the center. Please write for more information.


The Degrees of Reiki Training

First Degree Reiki is an exciting adventure into the realm of subtle energy healing. The student learns the techniques of self treatment for increased health and stamina and how to treat another person. The class is also spiritually transformational. This training takes 4-6 hours to present the basic teachings.

The Second Degree training takes the student into the realm of distant healing. The student also learns the sacred symbols and how to activate even greater amounts of healing energy for self and others.

Third Degree is a level of training and initiation for a Practitioner desiring even greater depth and intensity of Reiki energy. This level adds to the efficiency of the healing session and the cellular response of the client’s movement towards wellness. Reiki Master certification is given to one completing this level. One can then teach, attune and initiate others for all three levels of Reiki.


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