Hidden Manna, A Dream Journey to Enlightenment is our latest book. Based on a lifelong journey with dreams and spiritual growth we share our story with the wisdom acquired to help you remember, understand and work with your dreams to achieve a lasting positive change in your life. We have a revolutionary approach to working with dreams that involves concentration, intuition and working like a detective to unravel the mysterious language of dreams and the unmatched insight they provide into your inner life. Click here for more information.

    Hidden Manna

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     We're excited to announce that the latest book by Daya Devi-Doolin is hot off the presses and available now!!!

    Dabney’s Handbook on A Course in Miracles

    A Practical Approach with Humor

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    A Course in Miracles is an amazing series of books and teachings
    that can transform your life and help connect you with your divine
    Self. Unfortunately, many people find it daunting at first and
    because of that hesitate to get involved. The author and her husband
    had that experience but eventually overcame and went on to study and
    facilitate the Course with others. With Dabney's Handbook on A
    Course in Miracles, author Daya Devi-Doolin clarifies some of the
    main teachings of the Course through humorous cartoons, distilled
    teachings and poetry. If you've ever thought about getting involved
    with A Course in Miracles, or even if you're a twenty year veteran
    of the Course, this is a book for you. Universal truth is at its
    heart a simple message and through Dabney's Handbook on A Course in
    Miracles, that message comes shining through in a fun and loving
    way. Recommended for beginners or someone getting reacquainted with
    a Course in Miracles.

    One of the qualities of saints throughout history has been their ability to take the deepest spiritual truths and manifest them continually in the simple childlike, joyous living of daily life. As a witness to the life of Daya Devi-Doolin these past 43 years, I have seen how she embodies the uncluttered essence of spiritual beauty in such an innocent way. In "Dabney's Handbook On A Course In Miracles", she presents the joy, love, forgiveness, happiness and humor of the Spirit in a way that is appealing, fun, fulfilling and wondrous.

    Her straightforward humorous approach belies the deep truths contained in these pages. But as you read and smile and think, I cannot help but believe the innocent perception will touch you in a special way.

    Enjoy these pages and see your life in an exciting new way that Daya Devi-Doolin's delightful Dabney will help you to see.

    Christopher P. Doolin, Co-Author of Hidden Manna, Smile America, Course In Miracles Facilitator

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    We're thankful that the Doolin Healing Sanctuary is being recognized for healing and yoga in the community, with winning the award for Best of 2016 in Alternative Healing for Orange City, Fl and a top 5 finish for Best Yoga Studio in the Orlando A List awards (2013-2014).

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    Winner of Pinnacle and EDC Creations book awards, author Daya Devi-Doolin is currently working on a new series of books...

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