WHAT IS Conscious Connected Breathing (REBIRTHING)?

Rebirthing began in 1975, with an experiment by Leonard Orr, though the use of breathing techniques for health and expanded awareness is ancient, Leonard went into a sauna and used circular breathing in an attempt to cool his body and research the effects of staying in the sauna longer than usual. When he first experienced the effects of circular breathing, the most notable aspect was the memory and subsequent healing of birth trauma.

All of us go through an impressive, dramatic change in both body and mind awareness at birth. Doctors - mostly psychologists, have noted that through hypnosis some of their clients remember the birth experience. Because the birth experience is so powerful and often painful, we form thought patterns around these experiences that have an impact on our lives from that point on. Many of these thoughts are associated with fear and uncertainty. An example of this is the difficulty experienced by an infant while passing through the birth canal. This often long and arduous journey may be translated throughout life as - "Life is a struggle," or, "I must struggle to stay alive," or even as a feeling of - "Let me out of here," especially when we are faced with stressful situations.

These deeply rooted and constantly playing, yet often unconscious thought patterns have a major role in our experience or daily living. They strongly affect our relationship with loved ones, as well as the way we see ourselves and others.

Rebirthing has to do with energy; the affirmation of the act of breathing enthusiastically raises our energy and releases trauma initiated with our first breath and patterned through our subsequent experiences and conditioning. Though not everyone who rebirths experiences birth and other early memories, the rebirthing breath supports the healing of such experiences. Rebirthing changes our body chemistry by oxygenating the cells. This creates an alkaline condition in the blood, which is preferred by the body’s immune system, and is as it was in the womb. This heals the breathing mechanism through the use of the mechanism itself, much like physical therapy heals muscle trauma.

So, to summarize..."What is rebirthing?"...Rebirthing is an energetic breath process guided by a coach (a "Rebirther") that fills us with energy, cleans and heals us of unwanted physical and thought patterns and suppressed emotions that inhibit the joy we so richly deserve.

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Used with permission from Rev. Michael Stone.
Author - Rev. Michael Stone, L.M.T. & Rebirther. Contributing editors Rev. Silmar Sanchez, Rebirther and Linda Joseph, R.N., Rebirther
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