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The fascinating musical journey of Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin started when they met as street musicians in Philadelphia, PA.  It was there that they discovered the unique gentle yet rhythmical sound that still defines their music today.  In Philly, they joined with other street musicians to form the acoustic funk group, the "Street Players". Chris brought his awesome guitar skills to the mix and later incorporated his keyboard training into their sound.  They soon found when singing on the streets that Chris's mellow voice complemented Daya's sweet sultry vocals to create an balanced glorious harmony.  Daya's rhythm guitar filled out the mix nicely. Their first intriguing year together is an amazing story that is recounted in more detail in their book Smile America.

Today they are working with Grammy award winning producer Maurice Starr on their second CD, Smile America.  But that connection has it roots in Boston, where they performed on the same stage as Maurice and received an award for the song Momma at the 2nd Celebrity Awards Show.  Their days in Boston included work with Good Company Productions, who helped distribute their EP, Sides of Love.  They were members of the New England Songwriters Association and performed at showcases and concerts with that group.  They remember recording their songs at home, in a local attic studio, at SMAP in Somerville, MA., and in a converted chicken coop in rural Mass.  After their street playing days ended, they had hitched their way throughout the northeast and performed at Folk City in NYC, clubs in Atlantic City, eventually moved back to Chris's home area of Boston.  A chance encounter at a laundromat bulletin board in Ayer, Ma. with a home for sale in Florida set in motion a chain of events that eventually brought them to Central Florida, which they now call home. 

They received the name for their duo Level Seven (later aka Level Seven) while meditating in their living room.  They have performed as this duo throughout Florida at clubs, festivals, coffeehouses and concerts.  Chris was trained in recording engineering at Audio Recording Technology Institute (ARTI) and Daya took online classes with Grammy award winning engineer John Lowson.  They used these developed skills to work on their first CD, Level Seven .  Chris reconnected with one of his instructors at ARTI, Steve Reel, and Chris and Daya joined to expand the cover band, Steve Reel and the Reels and the original progressive world-rock band, SkyEarth Orchestra, was formed performing Steve's original tunes and Chris and Daya's as well. All the while, the Doolins have maintained their identity as aka Level Seven.  Through a series of serendipitous events, they were introduced to Grammy award winning producer Maurice Starr, who lived two towns over from their Central Florida home.  At the time, they had a series of songs ready and began work on their second CD which evolved into the name Smile America .    Daya is an award winning author. Her group project Americans Saving Ourselves Together  developed the idea that Americans can work together to pull themselves out the depression we currently find ourselves in, and smiling is one key ingredient.

A series of life experiences have molded Chris and Daya's music in unique ways.  Here is a listing of some key elements that have found their way into their life and music: spirituality, Americana, dreams, humor, alternative healing, yoga, acoustic based music, miracles, abundance, prosperity, synthesizers, A Course in Miracles, harmony, metaphysics, folk, consciousness, nutrition, love, awareness, MIDI, Reiki, Rebirthing, rock, Whole Light Fusion, Matix Energetics, country, Bodytalk, roots, transcendence, pop, Universal Mind, myth, Science of Mind, Unity,  new thought and inspiration.  Their songs are down to earth but they reach for the heavens.

The Doolins hope you find a connection on some level to their music and work.  Each of us has a unique story to tell and we're given a special place within the fabric of life.  Chris and Daya have taken what they have been given and molded it into their own unique approach to music and songwriting.  Their story still evolves and unfolds with the current incarnation of the Smile America project.  Part spiritual quest, part comedy script, their musical life spirals onward.  They thank you for taking the time to discover more about their musical journey and hope that it inspires your life's experience as well.

Here are some brief reviews about their music:

"...they, Chris and Daya Doolin, possess captivating harmonies. A kind of blissful gentleness permeates their material, yet it is never cloying".
Steve Morse,
Boston Globe, MA

"...theirs is a winning performance. Her voice is a warm gravely alto,
his a soft tenor."
Thomas Duffy, Orlando Sentinel, FL

" enchanting duo. Their vocal harmony is incredible. Soft, searching and intense!"
M.C.M.A., MA

"They are the best I've heard. I follow them whenever they're playing...
can't wait for their CD."
G.F. Businesswoman,
Orange City, FL

"The music, voice and harmony are just beautiful!"
C. J. Professional
Daytona Beach, FL

This is music packed with emotion, rhythm, truth and motivation. Prepare to be lifted up by the experience. Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin take you on a sonic journey where songs taken from everyday life transform into that mystic place called Level Seven: a place where soaring harmonies meet rhythmic acoustic guitars; ethereal synthesizers support ecstatic guitar leads; and above all, you find that love reigns.


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We Bless and Thank All of You For Your Love and Support All Through The Years.
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