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Americans Saving Ourselves Together

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  ~Margaret Mead

This book is a collaborative project born from the desire to help our fellow citizens.  We know that times have been tough for many and we have decided to use the power of the written word to help uplift spirits and provide encouragement.  Offering new ideas, ways of thinking and perspectives, we are letting those going through difficult situations know that there are people who understand, care and are here to help. 

This book empowers and encourages the reader to regain inner strength and take action. Covering a wide variety of topics including family, prosperity, self-cultivation, health, parenting, joy and humor.  There is something here to help everyone during every stage of life.  Taking matters into our own hands has taken on a new meaning: responsibility.  When we accept responsibility for our lives and our circumstances, dramatic results are achieved! Although this book was written for Americans, we strongly emphasize that we are not solely American citizens, but global citizens. 

We are part of one family: the human race. When we lift ourselves higher, we have the ability to spread benevolence to those in need throughout the entire planet.  Individually, we each have the power and ability to change our lives.  Together, we have the power to change the world.                               

  ~Michelle Starkey

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Mind Body Spirit Motivational 

This purposeful book will show you how to accomplish everything you've been seeking to achieve.  Prepare to see some changes occur when you follow these techniques that are easy and economical to pursue.

7  of the most important areas of your life:

As Americans Saving Ourselves Together (The ASOT Project), our goal is to assist strengthening the mind, body, spirit and total well being of our fellow brothers and sisters. We are encouraging all to focus on thriving using natural means and techniques to improve our level of spirituality, happiness, health and wellness, family relationships and finances.  This automatically increases our vitality, love for life and success-filled experiences!

Contributing Authors:  CeeCee Sneed   Daya Devi-Doolin   Inez Bracy    Jerrie DeRose    Michelle Starkey  Mia Fajardo Savchenko   Miri Chandler

About the Authors

Daya Devi-Doolin   

She is known as a “thought doctor” and an angel.  She is the Co-Founder with her husband Chris, and Director of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary & Yoga Studio, in Deltona, FL.  She is an internationally known author of metaphysical and self-help books for adults & children.  Her inspirational speeches share her secrets for a successful life through an empowering thought system and real life stories.  She has assisted hundreds of clients resulting in happy, successful people over the past 25 years. Her best-selling books are: Super Vita-Minds: How To Stop Saying I Hate You...To Yourself and The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success sold on;; and

She and her husband Chris, form the musical duo of Aka Level Seven.  They are songwriters of a variety styles of music, mainly adult-contemporary music that inspires. Their latest CD is entitled Level Seven and comprises their talent in producing, engineering, arranging the project and writing all the music and lyrics with exception of Ain’t No Pain written by Elmer Hawkes, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

She is a TV/Radio personality offering topics relating to the inherited power of the gift of thought and the power behind our Word which is the cause of manifestation for us.  She is an Ordained Unity Minister, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healing Counselor and Matrix Energetics Technician.  She has two beautiful sons, Tyler and Joseph.  She resides with her family and three pets in Deltona, FL.

“Thoughts are substance and form. They draw unto themselves the likeness of their form. ~Daya Devi-Doolin


Michelle Starkey   

Michelle Starkey is a parent, award-winning author, artist and parenting coach. Her first book, a book of affirmations for children entitled, Do You Know Who You Are received an Honorable Mention Award for Children’s Books at the 2008 London Book Festival.  A beautiful combination of inspirational sayings and animal paintings by Michelle and it's delighting children of all ages, including the child within.

            Her second book, a parenting book entitled, Do You Know Who Your Children Are?  is a timely inspection of the problems parents are facing today with their children’s behavior and the tips for resolving the issues, including parents working on their own behavior. This self-discovery guide will help parents realize the many gifts children bring into their lives.

Michelle was a muralist for six years and has been involved with placing artwork in medical establishments and support centers to promote healing on the physical and emotional level.  She has been a La Leche League Leader, business owner, stay at home mother, art appreciation instructor, a teaching assistant for children with autism, volunteer project coordinator and more. After twenty-two years of parenting, research and helping others become the best parents they can be, she shares her knowledge and insight through her writing, coaching and workshops. She lives in Arizona with her family.

The sky is not the limit”   ~ Michelle Starkey


CeeCee Sneed   

CeeCee likes writing letters, baking, funning, sunning, chilling, listening to music, watching TV and doing absolutely nothing whatsoever, cooking meals for friends and family, grocery shopping, drinking fancy coffees from her dolce gusto machine and whipping up adult beverages in the blender! Some of her featured articles on are:

     How to Sing even when you don't know the Words

     How to Wear your P.J.’s in Public

     How to Do Up an Up-Do: CONAN O'BRIEN STYLE

     How to Fall in the Bathtub with Style and Finesse

     How to Live Well Above your Means

I’m living on the Funny Side of Life and I’m taking as many Americans with me as possible!”

 ~ CeeCee Sneed  

Miri Chandler

Beautiful Montana is home to me and my wonderful family of a great supportive husband, two adult children that are just getting out into the world, and my 4 year old that keeps me young.  I work in a busy ER and great people but my goal is to be able to write at home and make a decent living at it. I enjoy writing and helping others.  My goal is to be able to work independently from home by 2010.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

~ Miri Chandler

Mia Fajardo Savchenko

Mia Fajardo Savchenko came from the beautiful country, Phillipines, known for its beautiful beaches and friendly people.  She speaks and writes the Cebuano, Tagalog and English languages.  She is someone who looks up to each day as a gift that should never be put to waste.

She believes in the essence of love in everything in existence, values respect and faith in God as strong pillars of a happy and satisfying life.  Others call her an idealist and a dreamer but whatever opinions they have about her, she is confident in her capacity to steer the course of her own destiny with the guidance of the Divine Power within. 

She is happily married to a wonderful man whose name is sweet to her ears and whose presence fills her with comfort and peace.  She considers herself always young and never will lose the zeal to live each day to the fullest. 

Her Expert articles can be found on


You are what you think you are.”

 ~ Mia Fajardo Savchenko 

Jerrie DeRose

In addition to a formal education, a 6 year stint on the Region VII and Kansas Head Start Association BOD included access to continuing education and extensive specialized training in child development, health and safety, relationships, and other subjects related to parenting and/or family relationships.  Published on:, www.buksiacom;;; and beginning in April will be featured in the monthly publication

Personal philosophy:  Parents must be involved in all aspects of a child's development from birth. Head Start understands this and works to help ensure the success of the whole family.


“A child’s success begins at home with parental involvement as the key."

 ~ Jerrie DeRose


Inez Bracy    

   As a teacher Inez Bracy was the one to go to talk about problems, issues and concerns because she listened.  Inez asked questions to help students, parents and colleagues tap into their inner strength and set their own direction.  She was known for practicing confidentiality because she believed in holding sacred the bonds created with the people who trusted her. 

Little did she know that would lead to what she's doing today. Inez' chosen career is working with business and professional women over 50 who've enjoyed a life of work, business and career.  The women who work with Inez are embracing the opportunity to experience a fullness of life outside of their career.  Using reflection and questioning, and other Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, these women are tapping into their passions and creating an extraordinary life NOW!

Inez combines more than twenty years of experience working with others, helping them to really understand who they are and who they intend to be.  Using a unique and grounded approach in strategic planning, motivation, negotiation and leadership development, women over 50 step confidently into the life they desire and deserve.

As a masterful coach, NLP Practitioner, radio talk show host and TV personality, Inez keeps groups enthusiastically engaged.  Inez’ clients say that she provides clarity, excitement, and momentum infused with confidence.  She specializes in designing and co-designing learning that deepens understanding and encourages people to experience life fully.

She’s passionate about helping others live their best life.  Inez’ radio show, Living Smart and Well shares tips on creating your best life and is heard around the world Monday, 12:00 noon - 1:00 PM Eastern on  

Be sure to listen and call with your questions or comments (646) 716-8773.  Contact Inez at to be a guest on the show.  

You can watch Inez Wednesday morning on the Fox4 Morning Blend at sharing tips on Boomers Living Boldly.

Inez’ book, Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days, is a powerful system for creating, revitalizing and living your best life and can be purchased at


"Nothing beats a failure but a try; whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve.  Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do because only you know that you can.”

~ Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Transition Coach


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