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New Book Launch: Americans Saving Ourselves Together: How to Thrive in the 21st Century

             On Thursday, January 28, 2009, 4:20 pm, information began rapidly downloading into my consciousness while I was driving my son Joseph to drum lessons.  I had to keep verbalizing the messaging softly to myself so I would remember what was being given to me to do. It was so powerful.  My son noticed this and asked me, “What are you doing Mom?” I explained it to him briefly what was happening to me.  Below is what was shared and you will find out why and for what purpose. 

When I got to the drum lesson studio, I had to quickly find something to write on.  There was nothing but the hardcover book cover my son had of the latest Harry Potter book.  So, I used the inside of the cover to write on.  I filled up of the inside with the messaging as quickly as I could so I could recall everything.

            The message was that I was to invite writers to submit four articles to make up one chapter in a book of how to’s of their best articles.  I was told that the authors would have the ability to have their articles and links printed in a book.  The copies they receive, they sell and the profit goes to them. I was told if five writers would respond, to go forth.  There were seven as you can see that responded.

            I was shown to invite the authors to include their tips at end of the chapter, it would be like bulleted points made in the chapter.  Each author will have subtitles in their chapter that will include the four articles.

            Each author was to submit a possible title for cover idea of the book that we create to serve others, by being entertaining, helpful, easy and simple to read and then people would be able to do what is recommended that is also economical for them and in some cases free, being with the highest intention. 


Contributing Authors:

CeeCee Sneed, Daya Devi-Doolin, Inez Bracy, Jerrie DeRose, Michelle Starkey, Mira Fajardo Savchenko, Miri Chandler


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(386) 532-5308 for more information

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My desire which I shared in prayer with God, back in November of 2008, was and is, as a country, to take our own strengths and put them together to make something far greater than each one of can do separately or even imagine, to give our mental energy, our desire to live and allow ourselves to thrive regardless of the obstacles we think we see.

            I was homeless twenty-nine years ago and it was a day-to-day existence for my husband Chris and I. But God had instilled in us the faith to keep on.  Then we got an upgrade in consciousness and got into the welfare system, food stamps, and all that goes with that.  We kept getting upgrades in our consciousness and in our living conditions until we got our first low-income home with Fannie Mae through an Angel watching over and guiding us. 

            So, if we can raise ourselves collectively together, get the spirit up of our fellow brothers and sisters, I’m going to do it .”


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